King Size Wood Bed Frame Best

King Size Wood Bed Frame – A king bed covers a large footprint in your bedroom, in many cases, that dominate the space. For this reason, you want an extra bed frame to be nice. Unfortunately, double bed frames can be very expensive. However, a platform can be built at sea level that rises from […]

Base Slat Bed Frame

Slat Bed Frame – Bed slats, make of wood or metal, sometimes install to the footboard and actually create a frame for the bed. Bed splints have been around for a long time, but modern bed designs have expanded the types and styles of bed bars. Some reason prefer more sustain that is provided by […]

Cal King Bed Frame with Storage

King bed frame with storage – Instead of spending money on an expensive bed frame, make your own simple platform frame with storage for your king size bed. Making your own bed frame is not as difficult as it sounds and with some tools you can make the frame for a few hours. When you […]

Custom Queen Bed Frame with Storage

Queen bed frame with storage – To build platform queen bed frame with storage, starting with cut the planks of wood and plywood to the required lengths using your electric saw. Sand all sides of your wood with coarse-grained sandpaper. Set a 78-inch plank and a 60-inch plank together in an L-shape, with the end […]

Amazing Shabby Chic Baby Bedding

Shabby chic baby bedding is a fluffy quilt that is traditionally filled with down feathers. The covers provide a lot of insulation, and are often used for bedding during the winter. Since the duvets are so hot, many choose to store them for the summer and change to a lighter quilt or blanket. The covers […]

Animal Woodland Baby Bedding

Woodland baby bedding – Despite pink and blue is the standard for girls and boys, you do not have to choose these colors if you want something different. Modern baby bedding has much more to offer in terms of colors. Parents of girls who want a wholesome feeling in their children’s beds can still choose […]

Fisher Price Baby Bed Bell

Fisher price baby bed – It’s easy to see how important the game is for children’s development when you see how happy a baby gets by grabbing a toy for the first time. Or helping a young child reach new milestones, or observing an unprecedented imagination of a preschool child. Just giving him a fisher […]

Amazing Chevron Baby Bedding

Modern chevron baby bedding patterns often incorporate slim straight lines and earthy colors, bright eye-catching colors or even black and white. Modern nursery schools are usually open and inviting, complemented with minimalist decor that focuses on the bold graphics and fabric patterns. A baby sleeps between 15 and 20 hours per day, so choosing a […]

Amazing Gender Neutral Baby Bedding

Designing your own gender neutral baby bedding is a rewarding experience while economically savvy. You can design your own baby bedding for a fraction of the cost of purchasing baby bedding from a department store, even if you have limited sewing experience. For the larger pieces, such as bumper pillows or the child’s, these require […]

Baby Changing Station with Beds for Baby Dolls

Beds for baby dolls – This building of the 18-inch doll bed will be two end boards. Also two horizontal boards-one bed base and the other for a lower shelf- and two horizontal side boards closing in the bed base for the 18-inch doll bed. Starting with cut 18 inches long of 10 to 12 […]