Pull Out Sofa Bed Design


Pull out sofa bed – The most famous representative of this type of sofa bed is a traditional sofa, known to us from the Soviet era. This sofa sleeping area extends (rolls) on the lower. This is usually only enough to draw a special loop. As already mentioned, sofa laid on the lower part of the couch pillows stacked, which folds on the couch act like the back.

The pull out sofa bed is usually called “dolphin”. The design of this type of folding sofa is more complicated because it consists of three elements. This mechanism works as follows. Angle seat that is an integral part of the above-described sofa, fully pulled, and the conversion take place in the corner of the sofa bed.

As you already know, each design has its plus and minus. From this it seems that the pull out sofa bed mechanism is no exception. The clear advantage of these sofas is, a really big bed and very compact when it is assembled. The downside of actions like the couch in the folded form of a very bulky, that is, when it is transformed into the role of the bed. So, for small space sofas with the rollout mechanism is not worth buying.


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