Upholstered King Bed Frame Mediterranean Style


Upholstered king bed frame of Mediterranean style decoration originated in Spain, Italy, France, and Greece. To decorate your bedroom in a Mediterranean style, you need a rustic bed as the centerpiece of the room. A rustic bed of dark stained wood or black wrought iron sets the old world style for the bedroom. View to your bed in colors of white tones or clear earth such as brown, gold, bronze, terracotta or olive. Accentuate this palette of vivid colors with the blues or the colors of the wine.


Some Mediterranean-style beds have upholstered king bed frame, either in a brocade fabric or in brown, black or burgundy leather. leather headboards a rustic appearance especially when cutting with the nail head adjustment. Other headboards and footboards have a combination of wood and padded leather applications.

Dress and upholstered king bed frame in a Mediterranean-style bed, either with simple or luxurious bedding. Start with sheet sets, classics of solid colors. For a simple bed, choose a mattress mat in white or cream with antique style lace pillowcases. For a more elegant and sophisticated bed, use a brocade or damask quilt or quilt with a bed skirt. Make sure the fabric has some brightness, and select gem of tone colors or earth tones. Add decorative pillows with rich settings, such as fringe, tassels or beads.


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