Beautifully and Flexible Convertible Sofa Bed


Besides the usual sofa, you can use the form convertible sofa bed. When you need a break or reception, you can open the sofa bed, when not used to just fold and hide it to the wall to get more space for other activities. This can also be applied to the design of bunk beds. Folding the top of the bed will turn the sofa into a beautiful sofa.

And if you want a quiet space, you can fold both beds. And lastly a multi-purpose convertible sofa bed with beautifully designed and flexible. Its extension in addition to the function of the bed can also be erected as a comfortable chair. The top and bottom of the chair can be used to rest the foot or head comfortably.

If the owner likes to bring youthfulness, freshness to the room, the brilliant orange color of this convertible sofa bed will please you. It costs close to $ 1000 (about $ 22 million) not only attracted by the luminous color and shiny metal base, but also by two different mounting arrangements. This flexibility makes it possible to use it in many different places such as living room, bedroom or work room, etc. check our gallery to inspire you!


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