Building Twin Over Full Bunk Beds


Twin over full bunk beds are often used for siblings, dorms or camps. They offer two bedrooms while only taking up the floor space on a bed. Twin-size bunk beds can be made of standard construction wood. This type of wood is not decorative. With some pieces of pine wood and a couple of pieces of plywood, this type of bed can be built in a couple of hours.


Place two 42-inch discs on the edge, parallel and 75 inches apart. Place the two 75-inch discs perpendicularly between them so they are also on the edge and placed 39 inches apart. Use eight screws for this task. This frame will keep your twin over full bunk beds. Repeat this step so that you have two frames. Lay a frame flat and place a plywood board on top of it so that all edges are aligned. Screw the plywood to the frame. Repeat this step with the other frame and plywood board.

The ends of these boards should be flush. Screw the boards together with four screws placed 12 inches apart. This is a corner pole for your twin over full bunk beds. Repeat this step three times so that you have four corners. Place a frame plate on top of the plywood. Place the corners upright so they stand at the end around each corner of the frame. You may need an extra pair of hands to do this. The corners of the frame should be placed inside the corners of the corner posts. Raise the frame up 8 inches and screw through the corner posts and into the frame. Use four screws for each corner.


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