Fantastic Ideas of Elevated Dog Beds


Pets love a good place to sleep and romp! These fantastic ideas of elevated dog beds, you can do them at home in your free time. Would you love to make a dog bed? Do you want to give your pet a place to sleep? I propose a series of simple and practical ideas that you can do at home. Do you have a piece of cloth? Maybe a punctured tire? anything can be useful, to make a soft and comfortable bed.

Create a custom elevated dog beds for your pet. This place can be round, square, in the form of tent, bone … in short, there are thousands of possibilities. In this case, I leave you gallery where you will see how to make a square shape. The materials used for this activity are: pieces of plush, a canvas, contact glue, stuffing and a fabric similar to that of stuffed animals (you can take it from a robe or pajamas).

Are you one of those who think about not throwing a garment, to make some crafts? It’s time to use a shirt that you do not wear or a similar fabric. You can create a nice elevated dog beds for your pet, which has the shape of a tent. This type of house I like and is perfect for a cat … although, it can be used by small dogs. In the video you will see all the steps to do this craft.


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