How To Dresser Twin Bed Headboard


Twin bed headboard – Spray the front of the head board with spray glue. Attach the clothing foam. Cut out excessively with the electric knife or knife.


Spray foam with spray glue and attach a layer of batting to it. Cut off excess bites with scissors. If you want to add more than one layer of bat, prelim between each layer. Put your side fabric down on the floor. Lay the headboard on top of it, with bat and foam downward. Pull the fabric over the top of the head aboard and secure with just a few staples. Stand your twin bed headboard up the board and look at the fabric to make sure the stripes are completely vertical or a printed pattern is about the way you want it. Put the head restraint back and finish the safe fabric with the staple gun. Tighten it while working.

Fold the fabric up and staple it on all four sides of the twin bed headboard secures directly on the wall. If you get to bed, do it first. Make a vertical cut in the fabric on the inside edge of each support. Fold the fabric up between the vertical supports and staple it as you did the top. Fold the fabric in front of the back underneath to make a finished hem and staple it to each support about 1/4 inch below the edge of foam and batting. Fold the fabric around the sides of the head board and staple it in the back.


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