How to Simple Reclining Bed Frame


Reclining bed frame – Making your own bed frame is a good project for newcomers to woodworking that is too little of a challenge. The bed frame uses simple dumbbells and is a durable yet appealing design. This bed will be ideal for children’s rooms or as an extra bed in the study or guest room and you can be proud to say you did it yourself.


Form two pieces of 2.5 cm (1 inch) thick wood that measures 30 x 195.5 cm (12 x 77 inches) and two pieces measuring 30 x 99 cm (12 x 39 inches) in a box, with the ends of the 99 cm (39 inch) planks on the inside of 195.5 cm (77 inch) planks make corners. Squeeze the boards in place. This is the base of the inner reclining bed frame. Press down all planks so that the bottom of the planks is at the same level as the lower part of the frame. These are mattress support.

Insert a corner bracket on each side of the ends of the middle two supports and in the corners of the end supports. Use 2 cm (3/4 inch) wood screws to attach the corner brackets to the reclining bed frame and support the planks. This way the screw holes are not shown on the outside of the frame. Has your assistant help you lift the frame so that it is 25 cm (10 inches) from the ground, then clamp the frame to the legs. The gavel legs will be level with the top of the frame and the best legs will extend an additional 25 cm (10 inches) above the frame.


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