Ideas For Bed Frame Without Headboard


Because we have little budget, because we look for something different for our bedroom or simply because you want to buy a bed frame without headboard. Until a few years ago it was something inseparable: bed frame and headboard for the bed. Now, however, it is very common not to find it. A very simple solution for bed frame without headboard is to highlight the wall on which you are going to support the bed. You can paint a part or the entire wall in a different color to the rest of the room. My recommendation is that it is an intense color and dark gray and black is the last thing.

Another solution for bed frame without headboard is offered by the paper. Dare with a funny pattern to highlight that part of the room. It takes more work than the previous proposal but, if you like the result, it’s worth it. You will get a relaxed bedroom wall counterpoint. It is clear that bed frame without headboard, the cushions serve us so that this place does not seem empty and they cannot forget about them. In addition to fill the space there are those who place shelves or photos that center the view.

There are other proposals more worked for bed frame without headboard. Place rack in between bed frame with a wooden structure. That serves to frame the bed while offering direct light and columns in which to store books or whatever you need.


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