Ideas for Making a Twin Bed Daybed


Twin bed daybed – Creating a twin bed daybed can be a creative and affordable option to buy one from a store. Use regenerated materials for a particularly affordable sofa bed project. Many times you can find free or cheap wood surplus or metal at demolition sites or salvage metal yards. You can find a twin bed daybed that’s already made, rather than making a whole bottom.

Redesign and renovate a used daybed to suit your comfort and aesthetic needs. Consider such renovations as adding a new mattress, re-filling pillows, reupholstering, grinding and lacquering of wood, and repairing the frame. This is usually the most affordable option. Buying a used twin bed daybed is often cheaper than the material cost of creating a brand new sofa bed.

Salvage metal yards can be a great source of dusted metal to make twin bed daybed furniture, according to Nine Stories Furniture. Either weld different pieces together to look like a folded piece or find a long enough piece that you can bend and curl to create the frame. You can often find stained metal that gives warmth if you hold the old weathered look. If your space calls for a steel look, you can take your salvaged pieces to a metal shop for polishing.


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