Make a Full Size Sofa Bed


Do you want to have full size sofa bed? Pallets are the best friends of carpentry enthusiasts, because they can be obtained for free or at a very low price, they are very easy to manipulate and very versatile, allowing them to be built from simple decorative furniture to walls or entire houses. In this step by step, you can learn how to build a sofa bed with pallets. Furniture that is very easy to make, because you only need to build a base with wheels is very comfortable and very practical. Because if you have a surprise guest who needs to stay to sleep, there is almost nothing to do to condition it as a bed.

Make full size sofa bed with pallet is a great opportunity for recycling, because not only will you use pallets, but you can also give a new life to one or two mattresses and recycle some pipes for the armrests, as you will see later.  To start, prepare the pallets. Sand your surface well until it is smooth, and reinforces them. Place nails in all those loose boards. The trick to build good pallet furniture is to condition them well so that they are as strong as a structure that was not recycled.

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Ideas to make full size sofa bed, when ready, join the two pallets together. Again, the trick is to do quality work. You do not have to join them simply with nails, but use good long screws and hold the union well. When the main structure is ready, it is time for details. Drill four holes in each lower corner of the sofa and screw the casters.


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