Masculine Bed Frames Ideas


Masculine bed frames with a sense of style is still possible without sacrificing a sense of masculinity. Whether you’re a new college graduate on your own for the first time or a lifelong bachelor, dive your carpet, white walls and worn out covers, and add a touch of your personality to the bedroom. What is male is largely self-defined; a masculine bedroom can contain everything from antique furniture to elegant, modern gear.


Incorporate a theme in the bedroom with masculine bed frames. You do not have to go overboard with the theme, but the subtle hand in the whole room helps to tie together. A theme can be anything from just sticking to the same color palette when decorating to place items related to a particular subject in the room. For example, if you are interested in a particular sports team, decorate in theme colors and hang several small items of team memorabilia on the walls, such as a framed, signed Jersey.


When it comes to flooring for a masculine bed frames, dark wood works well. Put on a cherry-colored floor that goes with almost all colors. For a modern, industrial feel, choose a smooth concrete floor. Color concrete or leave the original gray. Accent wood or concrete floor with an area mat that fits into the color scheme of your sheets and curtains.


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