Original and Stylish Tempur Pedic Dog Bed


Tempur pedic dog bed with old shirts, very cheap! Why not use t-shirts, sweatshirts and other old clothes that you have at home? The resting place of the simplest – and fastest – can be obtained from a simple shirt . To do this, it is necessary to have filling material (from old cushions) or with more old clothes that will cushion the garment and sew -with the help of a machine- or stick with resistant velcro the ends.

If a warm garment (such as a lining or an old coat) is used instead of a shirt, the bed will be even more comfortable for the dog. Another idea to make an original and stylish tempur pedic dog bed with reused clothes is offered by Craft stylist. The manufacturing process is simple, although, in this case, some skill is needed with the crochet needles.

To begin with, strips of garments (shirts, sweatshirts, sports pants that are no longer used) are cut about two inches wide and made of different fabrics. A large crochet needle will help to weave the strips together, and create this tempur pedic dog bed in home. Hoping it was useful for you, see you next time!

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