Rustic King Bed Frame From Old Door


Rustic King Bed Frame – Making a bed using old doors and recycled wood will result in a unique piece of furniture for your home and give your bedroom a personalized look for pennies. The average height of an old door is perfect for a double bed and standing board and the use of recycled deck boards to build the bed frame ensures a robust construction that will last for years.

Measuring the width and length of your mattress and base springs to verify a king size mattress is what you have. A mattress of standard king size is 78 inches wide by 80 inches long. Build a box rustic king bed frame for your box springs. The position of the two deck boards for the width on their sides, for the head and feet of the bed structure. Place the two remaining plates on their sides by the sides of the bed. The side tables are placed inside.

Using the cover screws, screw through the head plates and deck foot covers and at the cut ends of the side deck boards. Cut three more 80 1/2 inch deck tables for the lower slats of the bed rustic king bed frame. Work with the box frame face down, space evenly and attach the boards to the sides of the structure using the cover screws. Cut six deck boards 17 inches long for the legs. Continue working with the frame upside down.


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