Wooden Grey Bed Frame Queen Ideas


Grey Bed Frame Queen – A frame of the Queen’s bed is a stylistic complement to any decoration. The bed frame gives enough space for a couple to lie on the bed to hug or have their own space. Queen size bed provides space for sleeping without taking up too much room in the room as a whole. Building a queen bed frame is not a difficult task if the proper tools and wood are provided. Choose a hardwood like pine or maple.

Fit, with 3 1/8 inch wood screws, an 80 inch long 2 by 6 board, a side board, ten inches from the top of a 4 by 4 31 inches long, this is a head post. Repeat with the other 80-inch 2-by-6 and 31-inch 4 by 4. Fit two support rails measure 80-inches 2-by-4, with 3 1/8 inch wood screws, flush with the part bottom of the grey bed frame queen sideboards, connecting the two sides. Place the point support rails from the end of the 20-inch and 50-inch sideboards category from the very end of the sideboards.

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Router 4-inch square grooves in a 2-by-4-inch support beam 80 to 20 inches from the end and 50 inches from the end of it. Router a 4-inch square groove into two 8-inch long 2-by-4 blocks. Screw, with 3 1/8 inch wood screws, one block to the middle of a 2-by-6 60-inch long header and the other block to the grey bed frame queen middle of a 60-inch long 2-by-6-board foot.


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